BCS Sesquicentennial – 2009

Quoting a message from the Organizing Committee:


Subject: Fw: Sesqui-centennial celebrations of BCS , Shimla

Dear OC’s

BCS is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2009.  For all Bishop Cotton School alumni, this represents a historic occasion.   To celebrate this momentous event, OCA (India) wishes to intimate to you the following:-

1.  A co-ordinating committee has been set up by OCA. The 1950’s are represented by Anil (Dimpy Mehra) and Col. Diwan , 1960’s by Jaspal Sawhney & Rajpal Duggal, 1970’s by Vikram Sodhi, Nakul Anand & Maj. SS Rai. The 1980’s by Parmeet Singh Sawhney, Ashwini Virk & Chandan Ratra .  The 1990’s by Manav Singh, Atulya Chhabra & Anupam Thapa . Similarly, we have representatives of Himachal Chapter, Chandigarh Chapter, Delhi Chapter, Bombay chapter, Thailand Chapter, and UK Chapter. inder

2. The co-ordinating committee envisages collecting funds to organize the sesquicentennial celebrations to be held at BCS from 2nd October 2009 to           6th October 2009. All surpluses would go towards formation of a endowment fund which would be used to help upgrade BCS. The celebrations would be again used to collect more money for the endowment fund.

3. Any amount contributed by any OC’s shall be graciously accepted and acknowledged in appropriate fashion.

4. The co-ordinating committee proposes to solicit a sum of at least Rs. One lac each from at least 100 OC’s to make an amount of at least Rs. One Crore. In addition, we expect all OC’s would contribute in various denominations to make up another Rs. One crore at least. Therefore, we should be able to collect at least Rs. 2 Crores in total.

5. The celebrations are expected to cost about 50 lacs. Again, we expect to collect at least another 50 lacs during the 4 days.

6. Some of the activities proposed during celebrations are :-

a. Train from Kalka to Shimla on 2nd October.
b. Release of Coffee Table book to cover 150 years of history.
c. Musical evening by a national / international band.
d. 3 Gala dinner and 2 lunches at BCS.
e. A night at the BCS dormitories  for the adventuress..
f. Release of commemorative stamp and first day cover by P & T department. 

7. Towards the above stated goal, an amount of Rs.. 30 lacs has already been received and further Rs. 18 lacs committed by OC’s which are detailed  hereunder:-

Details of OC’s who have sent at least Rs. one lac 

1) Mr Jaspal Sawhney (1963)           16) Suneel M Advani (1960)
2) Mr V K Aggarwal (1954)             17) Ashok M Advani (1957)
3) Mr Manav Singh (1990)    18) S S Pasrich (1950)
4) Mr Anil Mehra (1959)      2 Lacs        19) R S Sodhi (1962)
5) Mr D C Anand (1951)     20) I S Bawa (1959)          2 Lacs
6) Mr Sunil Jain s/o Late S M Jain(1959) 21) Raja Vir Bhadra Singh
7) Mr K C Anand (1954)                   22) Mr Madhav Singh
8 ) Mr Parmeet Sawhney(1981)        23) Mr Roby Mohan
9) Mr Bittu Sehgal (1963)              24) Mr Rajeev Shamlal 
10)Mr K S Chawla (1963)                 25) Mr Jogi Kohli   
11)Rajive Sawhney (1963) 2 Lacs 26) Mr Tejinder Singh       2 Lacs
12)Vikram Sodhi (1971)
13)Harish Janardha (1981)
14)Nakul Anand (1973)
15)Anupam Sachdev(1963)

Details of OC’s who have committed amounts of at least  Rs. One lace each.

1)  Mr Tunnu Puri (1959)   11)  Mr G S Anand (1961)
2)  Mr Anil Sikand (1956)    12)  Mr Ajay Thiara (1983)
3)  Mr Ranjit Puri (1954)    13)  Mr Atulya Chabra (1991)
4)  Mr K S Sandhu (1958)   14)  Mr Jasdeep Singh (1988)
5)  Mr Sukhinder Singh (1961)   
6)  Mr N K Aggarwal (1962)    
7)  Mr Sachin Mahajan (1996)   
8)  Mr Guljit Kochar (1963)   
9)  Mr N D Mehra/ Mr N K Mehra (1962)  
10) Mr Rajinder Thakur (1976)  

It is proposed to acknowledge all contributions of Rs. One lac and above by putting up a board at an appropriate place in BCS. It is proposed to acknowledge all contributions of Rs. 25000/- and above in a brochure to be brought out on the occasion and  also by placing a chair with brass name pate in Irwin hall.

8. Some of the projects which OCA expects to undertake :–

a. To help school in its endeavor to become carbon neutral. This would include use of solar heaters, water recharge systems etc. Bittu Sahgal, (I – 1963) an environmentalist is to help us assess this project.
b. To help school upgrade infrastructure by way of better kitchen equipment, better infirmary, better staff quarters.
c. To help BCS recruit better teaching faculty.

Now, on behalf of the co-ordinating committee, I have to request all as follows:-

A. Please give us any suggestions in addition to the above proposals to enable us to include the same on our agenda.
B. Please nominate atleast one person per class who would work with the coordination committee.
C. Please send us your contributions by cheque payable to Old Cottonians Association ( India) and send by courier to Ms. Kala, IInd Floor, Plaza Cinema Building, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 01 . All contributions are exempt in India from Income tax u/s 80 G.

If you require any further information, clarification, please contact the undersigned.

Best Rgds,


Jaspal Singh Sawhney – 98110-40347
I (1956-63)