Obituary – Rupinder (Ruby) Randhawa

Obituary – Rupinder (Ruby) Randhawa




With great sadness and deep regret we wish to inform you that Brajinder Mohan Singh (Curzon 1957-63) lost his sister-in-law Rupinder (Ruby) Randhawa in The Taj during the recent incidents at Mumbai India.

Ruby was a wonderful teacher, first at The Cathedral & John Connon School in Bombay and then at the B.D. Somani International School.

“Others remember, with fondness and sadness, people who had touched their lives, like Ms Rupinder Randhawa, a teacher at B.D. Somani International School, who fell victim to the terror-attack.” reported The Hindu. She was a perceptive and innovative teacher who knew how to retain the interest of her class in different and unique ways all the time. .She was a delightful human being. The praises from her students have been extravagant, genuine and heart felt.

Our sympathies and condolences to Ruby’s husband, a pilot with The Tatas, her family and to Ravi & BM.


P.S. Ravi and BM are currently in Delhi. They will proceed to Patiala for The Bhog on Sunday, December 7, 2008.





6 thoughts on “Obituary – Rupinder (Ruby) Randhawa

  1. Raj Mohinder Singh R 1962-72

    Heartfelt Condolences to Ruby Randhawa,s family. Dear BM and Ravi we share in your Sorrow.

  2. Deepak K. Thakur, R 64-73

    Thanks for the information. It’s really sad to see so many innocent and precious lives lost due the senseless killing in Mumbai last week.

    Hope that all those who lost their lives will find peace and happiness in their new world and their family and friends will find courage and strength to carry on.

    For those who believe that violence will bring them happiness, they are suffering from an illusion and I pity them for the suffering that they are bringing upon themselves.

    For those who saved the day and laid down their lives while doing so, I salute them with the highest respect.

    For those in authority and responsible positions and claim themselves to be leaders, including the Prime Ministers-in-waiting and their ‘chamchas’, wake up and get off your high horses. The public are not kindergarten children. You have coccooned yourselves by your self-styled security cordons while the public is open to such brazen attacks on their lives and property. Stop blaming each other and sundry for tragic mistakes that could have been avoided. Our politicians are nothing but looters (luteras in Hindi) and freebooters. They are busy buggering the country. I think people in Somalia, Congo or Zimbabwe are probably safer. India didn’t do anything even against a ‘tucha’ country like Bangladesh when that country trussed up our BSF jawans like animals and strung them on poles and threw them back across our border. What do you think that does to the moral of our soldiers? I don’t think that India will be able to do anything against a nuclear powered neighbour if it didn’t act against a ‘tucha’ country like Bangladesh. What a shame that we have to live in this country.

  3. yogesh mehra

    Mrs. Randhawa used to teach my son at The Cathedral School a few years ago. She was the one teacher he was extremely fond of and often confided in her, as well as sought her advice whenever he needed it.

    Her sudden and tragic death has left us all deeply saddened, and we pray her noble soul rests in eternal peace.

    Y. Mehra

    C 69-’73

  4. Tejinder singh

    it is very unfortunate & sad .i wish god rests her soul in peace.

    kanwar Tejinder singh

  5. Dick D'Abreu

    We OC’s in Western Australia were sad to read about the loss of the life of Ruby Rundhawa in a terror attack on the Taj hotel in Bombay. Such senseless killing of many innocent people is beyond comprehension. My wife Joan and I had very young friends on holiday who were staying in Mumbai and at the restaurant where the terrorists struck. The young lass we knew was shot in the leg…. She is now back home… Wondering just why the gunman aimed at her.

    We wish peace and good will on all those who look for the good things in this world.

    Cheers, Dick D’Abreu.

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