The run of Virgo

..I just received a flash …a tinkle on my mobile…. and the message came across….
‘Good Morning, my love; hope you have a wonderful day’

The power of relationships in yesterdays world; feelings, thoughts and trains of emotions are sent across the globe in milliseconds..From Australia to England, from Japan to Canada, from Delhi to Weybridge….and back again.

Some many years ago…a small expression of emotion..’I love you, I miss you, I yearn for you’ was written lovingly on a note, sealed with a kiss and sent on its way…by hand, by horse drawn carriage, on an old rusty steamer..through the sea of love towards the love of her life…as he slogged thousands of miles away in the coal mines….deep inside the heart of the earth. He wiped the sweat off his brow and looked at the stamp on the letter; the nearly forgotten writings ..he knew it was from her….she had promised to long as it would take…..dated 15th August 1923……he opened the same… it was the 15th of September 1924……by the time he had absorbed her note and his heart longed to reach out and touch her softness…he knew he must get back with a fresh canary in the cage….but at least one small line…’I love you too, my complete darling; we shall be together again…very soon….’’   If the Captain remains sober through the voyage, does not run his ship aground; navigates the South China Sea, the Straits of Malacca, the Suez, Gibraltar and the English Channel; she will eventually receive his note of comfort…another 15 months later…. Yes our love is true, steadfast, secure and safe.

But in our world today…relationships remain as strong as the delicate thread that ties them….expression of love and sincerity move across the airwaves every second….an emotion of today becomes an emotion of grief a few minutes later….desperately trying to make it up..just wishing she was there and he was there to hold me and comfort me… would all make sense again…..impatiently they wait for another connection…and strain their necks and scan the ground… as eagles soar…watching each other’s move, each other’s step, each other’s breath……wishing they could be everywhere, with everyone, at all places, at the same time; breathing together…..holding each other until November’s rain….until a shiver runs down their spines and they have butterflies in their stomachs…knowing that delicate thread may suddenly snap…and all what remains is emptiness, hollow, dark dreary nights and the fading notes of their swan song….

Time is a great healer…
wounds will heal, but scars remain…..
..there are no messages in bottles that drift across the oceans as she waits on the beach at sunset….no postman who may appear at sunrise on his rusty bicycle…bringing home to him, her love and affection……her perfume.
Just make sure your battery is charged……one way or another…..

In the age of Aquarius…I saw a full moon rising…in the world of today, nothing lasts forever.

Vivek Bhasin (Roll no: 123)

Lefroy House 1961-1970