The Fourth Day after The Full Moon

The Fourth Day after The Full Moon-it happened on the 29th of October 2007

Yes, it was all well planned …as has been over thousands of generations. A fast by married women who dedicate their lives, their loves, their bodies their everything for everlasting love for their man; their husband..toiling in the fields, sweating in the engine room and groping through smoke tube boilers, and those executive husbands, flirting with their female staff in posh new offices. Regardless, the women of yesterday was told to be just that…..a loving and faithful wife…..comfort your man even of he comes home drunk as a skunk with perfume on his neck and lipstick on his collar.   That fourth day after the full moon, all those beautiful women go back into the past; dream of that first night and dress up so too.

My wife felt obliged to do it once some 25 years ago on the Ridge in Simla. Just once.  I was there again 25 years later, a few weeks ago. This time I was alone; dressed in my own splendour; my Kulu cap, my pashmina shawl, my hand woven waistcoat. And plenty of time. At 2115 hrs the white loom to the west of Jakku hill signalled the arrival and suddenly that full moon, that ball of white gleaming cheese swept across and moon beamed on those 1000 women….it was an amazing sight as a shiver ran down my spine! The necessary chore; looking through the sieve, with candles alight and dropping holy water on to mother earth.  The men looked on with complete boredom.

I suddenly felt so damn alone.

But I was back in my own kingdom; my Simla, my place, my school, my life and my journey.

I went to school and met Headmaster. He looked well, confident, content that the school was back where it was and should be. Right on the top! Boy have you seen the moon beams sweeping over the second flat? That silver flat…and heard the boom of the boys singing from the rafters at us OC’s…..’we sing of days now past and gone….to those who’ve yet to come’…..Sukhdev, Homer, Sharat and myself experienced that total feeling in 1995……We three represented the Class of ’70….Sharat as always a wonderful and true brother was there – support me as I will always, him.

Oh Yes, I walked into the room of John Whitmarsh Knight….Jonny ole’chap…I salute you…just as that Ozzy band AC/DC..said….to those about to rock..we salute you. This knight is more than a true friend; he is part of Bishop Cotton School’s soul. May God Bless him always.

To play a four ball at Naldhera with Four illustrious OC’s is yet again and honour and a privilege….Deep Anand, General Verma, Col Wendy Dewan (he was christened.. ’The bandido’…and the 4th illustrious OC..?   (must have been me)……Four of us, plus four caddies, plus a minder, plus a bearer in arms….10 of us, an entourage…and a 100 monkeys. A mind boggling experience…(I let the seniors win)

..I suddenly feel so damn alone, again. But whenever I do..I think of something special; someone very special; and a secure wave envelopes me.

If you guys, you Cottonians wish to see the fourth day after the full moon; make that effort to go up to the Ridge…with the white cheese a-sailin…..Christ Church bathed in splendour and those exquisite women..your wives, your lovers, your girlfriends……you may see me there too. The last of the lonely cowboys…but always a Cottonian.

26th November 2007

Vivek Bhasin
Lefroy 1961-1970