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Sandeep Mansukhani begins Mt. Everest journey

Time has finally arrived …..
Leaving today afternoon [5th March 2015] for Kathmandu ( Nepal) for the Mt. Everest (8850m/ 29,035) expedition north route.

Sandeep mansukhani

Keep me in your prayers for my health n safe climb. Subject to the comm link, I will keep updating my position on the mighty Everest through a dispatch, which will be posted by dear Simran (my wife). I have no words to express for the unconditional support of my father and family for letting me go on this amazing climb.  I pray the almighty to give them strength and courage. Also request you all to pray for my family. I thank my seniors, colleagues, friends and my extended family for the support.

14th April 2015 UPDATE:
A special news page has been setup HERE

Aiming for Everest, Sandeep does a double for now

CONGRATULATIONS once again Sandeep and all the very best for your aim to climb Everest next year. Captain Sandeep Mansukhani is an Old Cottonian of BCS 1992 Batch.
Aug 24,2014, 0600hrs, I was again standing on the summit of Mt.Stok Kangri (6153m), a beautiful peak which lies in the mesmerizing area of Ladakh, in north west India. I was tired and breathless but the overwhelming views of the Himalayan peaks around specially Mt Kun (7077m) – the peak which I summited in Sept 2013.

The feeling of scaling two 6000m peaks in just 4 days overcame all my fatigue.
A day before on Aug 22, 2014 at 1900 hrs, I summited Mt. Golep Kangri (5980m) – a quite technical and exposed peak located in the Zanskar range of the Western Himalayas, near the Karakoram range. Summiting both the peaks within 4 days and fighting against cold weather and treacherous terrain was definitely affecting my body but my training and my passion for mountaineering was showing its results.
Facing these new challenges will definitely be very helpful when I will go for my dream climb of Mt Everest (8848m) in 2015.Capt Sandeep Mansukhani
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Sandeep Mansukhani climbs KUN [7077 mtrs]. Congratulations!

Old Cottonian SANDEEP MANSUKHANI scales Mt. KUN [7077 mtrs], the news just came in with a few pictures shown below. Details of the expedition are expected from Sandeep in the next few days. CONGRATULATIONS to Sandeep on yet another great achievement! His last climb was STOK KANGRI at 6153 mtrs on 20th August 2013.

You can read Sandeep’s diary notes from the expedition here.

Those on Facebook can access his page here

Capt. Sandeep Mansukhani climbs STOK KANGRI 6153 mtrs peak

Old Cottonian Sandeep Mansukhani of Rivaz; summited Stok Kangri – a 6153 mtrs peak, in the Ladakh region. It was a 5 days expedition, starting from Stok village, they reached base camp in two days. On the day of the ascent [20th August 2013], Sandeep started climbing for the summit attempt at 0030 hrs at night and reached the summit at 0700 hrs. Freezing temperatures and a lot of snow was encountered during the climb. On reaching the summit, Sandeep stayed there for half an hour and then moved down to base camp. He says it was a “Great experience, and challenging due to bad weather conditions.”  Sandeep is planning for his next expedition to climb KUN which is a 7077 mtrs peak in Jammu & Kashmir. He leaves for Srinagar on 5th Sept 2013. Sandeep says “This is a very technical peak with lots of uncertainties. It is a 25 day expedition

Congratulations! And all the best for your next expedition!

TWO Old Cottonians Sandeep Mansukhani and A P S Buwal in the 4th Mughal Road car rally

Amanpreet Ahluwalia  and Sandeep Mansukhani

Amanpreet Ahluwalia and Sandeep Mansukhani

Old Cottonian Sandeep Mansukhani says:

The 4th Mughal Rally 2013, was organised by Himalayan Motorsports on the tough terrain of Pir Panjal range and Sinthan pass in Jammu and Kashmir.
We came in  2nd
Overall and 1st in our Class Category. We did it in maritime Zen modified. I was navigating Amanpreet [Ahluwalia].


A P S Buwal  and  Nakul Mendiratta.

A P S Buwal and Nakul Mendiratta

And: Old Cottonian A P S Buwal came 4th Overall and 3rd in Class, he was Navigated by Nakul Mendiratta.





Here are some excerpts from various news articles / papers as well:

1045239_10151524418147106_1287014317_nThe 4th Mughal Rally, which concluded June 30th 2013  had 120 rallyists from all over the country who participated in the two-day event.

Amanpreet Ahluwalia of Team Terrain Tigers, Delhi, with navigator Sandeep Mansukhani drove a Maruti Zen for the event.  

The 4th Mughal Rally traversed the difficult, less-traveled stretches of Jammu & Kashmir including the Gool Gulabgarh-Reasi-Ramban stretch and the difficult hill climb from Daksum to Sinthan Pass. India’s first competitive hill climb event was made even more challenging by adverse weather conditions both days. Day One was marked by landslide and rockfall on the competitive stretch near Pir Ki Gali, the highest point on The Mughal Road. On Day Two, rallyists had to put up with terrible rain and storm for almost four hours in the competitive stretches.

The two hill climbs in The Mughal Rally this year were the competitive stretches up to Pir Ki Gali and Sinthan Pass. Pir Ki Gali is the highest point on The Mughal Road, at an altitude of 11,500 feet (4,100 meters) approximately. Sinthan Pass, at an altitude of 12,450 feet (3,748 meters) approximately, is on national highway 1B, connecting Kishtwar and Anantnag. Even during the height of summer, the hill climb to Sinthan Pass is lined with walls of snow. The pass only opens for traffic from April to September.