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Golden and Silver Anniversaries : ’62 and ’87 batches

Dear OCs

This year we are celebrating the Golden and Silver Anniversaries of the ’62 and ’87 batches. While we are getting the ’62 batch in top gear – they have had a number of meetings towards this – but no one from the ’87 batch has contacted the OCA office.

Those interested please get in touch!

BM Singh

A dinner was organized at Toti Agarwal’s house on May 4, 2012 for the 1962 batch. They are having several round of dinners and this is the second one. There are more to follow. Important to note that Bunty, Toti’s wife, created the house flags and emblems. Terrific atmosphere. Click here to view the photos.

Batch of 1971 – 40th year reunion at BCS

Dear Headmaster Robinson,

Attached is a letter of appreciation on behalf of the Class of ’71 for all your efforts in making our visit to BCS for our 40th Anniversary Celebrations such a resounding success.

With Warmest Regards

Vikram Sodhi C 62-71
Member Executive Committee OCA (INDIA)



[Click the image of the letter or the pictures  for a full view]
More pictures online at:  Chetan’s Facebook page

BM Singh hosts a dinner for BCS 1961 Batch

Dear All

BM Singh, President OCA (India) and his wife Ravi Singh hosted a dinner for the batch of 1961 who will go up to Simla to celebrate their 50 years of leaving School this week. The dinner was hosted at the Deck Suite at the India Habitat Centre

The numbers for this batch have dwindled rapidly but their gusto and enthusiasm remains undiminished. In typical OC style,

Sukhinder Singh, Billy Gill,  Adarshpal Singh, accompanied by Ajay Thiara drove in yesterday [17th Sept] morning from Chandigarh for this dinner. The dinner which began early at 7.30 pm concluded almost near the mid-night and these gentlemen then drove right back last night. They were sleeping when Ashok Mulchandani rang to seek some assistance and advice!! What do you expect ? !!

The following other guys from the 1961 batch were present:
Veenu & Jaiwant Gill
Nano & Ricky Sawhney
Anita & Sudhir Khanna
Sudhir Kashyap
Ashok Mulchandani

The others present were:
Harry Bedi
Jyoti & R S Sodhi
Ritu & Neel Mehra
Anupam Thapa
Vatsala & Vijay Khurana

The pictures that Sudhir Khanna took, and sent as a separate mail with a Picassa link, simply indicate what a lovely evening it was. What I am doing is sending some of these pictures with the names of the persons labelled (left to right pattern) so that you can identify the persons in the respective pictures. Unfortunately, the quality of my attachments is not outstanding but Sudhir’s mail will give you a much better idea. Go full screen and a slide show to get the complete effect of what a group with an average of 60 can do and enjoy an evening!

We take this opportunity to wish the 1961 batch a happy and lovely reunion.

[Hover your mouse-pointer on a pic to see the title, click a picture for a larger view]


Reunion 50 years Batch of 1961 + Change of dates:

The School will be closed for the ten days from 2nd Oct – 12th October, both days included. The Headmaster would also not be available during this period as he too would be out of town. He expressed his wish to honour the ’61 Sixth formers’ in an Honourable manner. The boys would be too close to the exams after the Break, therefore no date available later.

He has suggested that we get together in Shimla on the 23rd and 24th September when there would be Cultural Programme on the 23rd, and Sports for the differently-abled on the 24th. He would like have prizes given by the ’61 Sixth formers’. He would like to host a dinner for us on the 24th night at the School.

Bearing the above in mind, I have tentatively booked 15 Rooms at the Eastbourne Hotel near the School, (next to the Grotto, after the first Bridge at the finishing Leg of the Marathon) for the 23rd, 24th nights.

Chandigarh 22rd September, 2011.
Shimla 23th September, 2011.
Shimla 24th September, 2011.
Barog 25th September, 2011.
26th Morning disperse.

Please note that there has been a pre-ponement of the dates.
I am going ahead and making the arrangements as above. There would be no further changes.

Please plan your calendar for the month of September accordingly. I am hoping that all of you who have confirmed so far, make a note of this change.
Curse me for it, accept it, and attend happily.

The request goes to all who wish to attend, the more the merrier. 15 rooms have been booked tentatively; we have time to book more.

Confirmation is desperately required from all.

Sudhir [Chottu] Khanna

OCA UK committee meeting – Feb 2011

At the request of our new chairman Vivek Bhasin I attended a committee meeting on 12/2/11.  We gathered at the home of Vinod Nanda in Norwood Green, Southall, Middx.

Picture: Left to Right are : Vinod Nanda (L59-68) ~ Sam Grewal ~ John Whitmarsh-Knight  ~ Daljit Singh Jaijee (R47-54) ~ Raj Lamba (L49-59)  ~ Vivek Bhasin (L61-70) ~ Rana Data Singh (L 50s) ~  Gursant Sandhu (New Secretary).
Front : Gursaant Singh (C95-00) ~ Puneet Singh (C91-00, Treasurer).

Reunion Luncheon at the Bombay Brasserie is on 25 June 2011.

Best regards
Peter Stringer