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Tilak Raj Pawa – passed on

Dear All,

I have just received the following message from Vinod Pawa:

Sad to inform you that my brother, Tilak R. Pawa (Tilly) passed away today at 12;20 PM, Singapore time.

He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2008, had it operated on and was ok till August 2010. He’s been bed ridden since then.

We’re sad to see him go but happy that his suffering has ended. He will be missed by many here as we as from BCS. Always jovial and helpful.

His cremation is on Sunday. He is survived by his wife, Hemlata, son, Vikas and daughter, Sheetal

Terrific person and never harmed any one – ever. May his soul rest in peace. Our deepest condolences to the family.

Warmly, Vijay Khurana

Message from Vinod Pawa :

Dear All,
Tilly was cremated yesterday. We collected his ashes this morning and they were immersed in the sea just of the coast of Singapore. At last at rest and at peace.
I wish to thank you all for the condolence messages I have received. Give me a while to compile them after which I will forward all your messages to his daughter Sheetal. His wife Hemlata (Hemy) is not up to all this as yet. I have already mentioned to her of your messages but good for her to read them herself. She said she would try and respond.
I had forwarded this email from Vijay. She called me and said “He is talking about Dad as he is today”. I said “He’s talking about your Dad of 50 years ago”. He hasn’t changed that much. So she asked me to read out Vijay’s email before the cremation. Without taking his permission I highlighted the main points of his email to all. It just confirmed what we all knew of his nature and character.
Thank you all once again for your kind words and support.

Mark Wood-Robinson / passed on

Dear Old Cottonians
We’ve had a spate of losses recently, and just got the news of yet another Old Cottonian passing away this 14th. Here is a message from David Wood-Robinson about his brother Mark.
Our condolences to the family.
My brother Mark Wood-Robinson who was at BCS from 1940 to 1945 has just died (March 14) at the age of 86. He was Lighting Consultant for South West Electricity Board for about 30 years and designed the lighting, both interior and floodlighting, for a great many well known buildings, including several cathedrals, in the SW of England. He was an active Christian in a Bristol church and a runner for charity.
David Wood-Robinson [BCS same dates].