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Message from Peter Stringer / Obituary Ron Plunkett

I would like to take this opportunity to send cordial fraternal good wishes for a happy & successful Reunion OCA Delhi next Saturday.
Would you be kind enough to add my sadness on behalf of OCAUK:
Last evening I received a call from Les Homer (L 43-49) in Bristol to say Ron Plunkett (C 43-50) passed away at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon in Somerset after a prolonged illness.     
Pauline with love & devotion nursed him through those years.
After leaving school the first time I met Ron again was at attending my first OC Reunion on Oxford Street about 1971. From that meet Ron, Les, Arthur Jones (L 42-48) & I remained in close contact.   Ron joined the Metropolitan Police force and retired as Superintendent & settled into a charming homestead on Porlock Hill Somerset.  Maggie & I and sometimes accompanied by Shirley & Arthur Jones spent many long weekends and on occasion Sylvia & Les Homer would join all of us. Happy Days & us guys recalling school years & tales of India while our wives rehearsed their exchanges. Pauline & Ron attended all the OCA lunches till Ron could no longer travel after moving to resettle in nearby Allicombe. Phone calls, letters & cards replaced contact & our presence.
I can recall the significant return to Patina OCAUK Chairman Dick Bayliss, Ron Plunkett, Arthur Jones & myself made June 1992. DC Anand kindly sponsored & made arrangement with late SM Jain to make our experience an outstanding visit. For all of us an historic moment struck that gave the arrowhead to the Spirit of BCS across the globe.  
We shall miss Ron and send our united condolence to Pauline, son Shaun and daughter Melanie – bless him another Curzonite to be remembered.
Thank you
Peter Stringer (Lefroy 43-47)

Milo Dhanoa / no more

Shocked and saddened on hearing about the sudden demise of Milo Dhanoa.

No further details yet.

Excerpt from a message by his daughter Vaneeta Dhanoa Manhas :

Dad no words can express how much we love you. I can’t let you go yet because I still feel that you are here. I don’t know how we will recover from your passing but we know that you will be watching down on us always. The boys will miss their Nana. RIP my beloved father. I miss you so much.

 Funeral Services will be held at Riverside Funeral Hall, Delta, BC on Dec. 29th at 1:00 pm. 

Obituary | PETER TRAVERS | Rivaz 1942-45.

PETER TRAVERS (Rivaz 1942-45)

Instead of happy Season greetings sorry to be the barer of sad news.
In our post this morning I received a letter from Alison Price, daughter of Peter Travers – Peter passed away 10 December in Woking.
I have managed to make contact and received details –
A Cremation service is at Woking Crematorium. Hermitage Road GU21 8TJ 28 December at 11.45 am
Would you (Gursant of OCA UK) be kind enough to make arrangements for an OCA(UK) floral tribute or you might prefer me to do the necessary giving Puneet permission to meet cost from funds.
There is every chance that I will attend the service with any other OCs who may wish to join me.
Please let me know early as it is the holiday season.
We must cherish & keep the Old Cottonian Spirit.
In the next few days I will send you an obituary please post it on the web :

Peter left when I joined the Main School from Prep. in 1945. Honestly I cannot recall when first meeting Peter in England when he joined our London chapter.

From the start, even though not remembering him in school, we formed a close friendship.
I found Peter a genuine nice guy – a quintessential gentleman, mild mannered and always ready to join in conversation. He often regaled me with many stories – two come to mind. Late Derek Rogers (C 42-45) & Peter at one time were close neighbours in Lucknow. Their signal (send & read) learnt when scouts were used to communicate from each other’s homes by flashing mirrors much to the latent intrigue of parents.

Peter’s boyhood spent in India was rudely dispelled when he arrived with his family in Liverpool docks – grey, dank dark & foggy miserable no sun and no warmth. People in dark clothing, sinister in appearance as everyone hurried past. He longed for India intensely!

He always attended the Reunion Lunches after joining the fold. He was welcome and came to many of our ‘Lunch on-the-lawn at Fairlands’ and a few more to taste Maggie’s curry specials. On many occasions we met at the Himalayan Hill Schools Reunion and latterly he would join me on invitation to the Sherwood College Reunions held in a Croydon Church hall.

Passed away 10 December —We shall miss him he was a fine fellow! Cordial condolence to his daughter Alison Price and Chris his son.

On behalf of Old Cottonians UK.
Peter Stringer (L 43-47)

Billy Gill (Curzon 1961) passed away

Just received a call from D. Singh (Jaaj) informing of the sudden passing away of  Billy Gill this morning at Chandigarh.

Cremation at Sector 25 cremation grounds Chandigarh tomorrow 19th December 2016 at 2:00 PM.

Our deepest condolences to Billy Gill’s family.

Update 19th Dec :

Cremation is over. Wreath presented from OCA INDIA Northern Chapter.  Antim Ardas to be held on Thursday 22nd December at sector 11 gurdwara Chandigarh at 12 noon. Please pass the word around. Thanks Lots. God bless.



Dear All,

With great sadness I learnt of the passing away of Billy Gill yesterday. He had a cardiac arrest in the morning. From what I know, Billy was diabetic but had no previous medical history of any cardiac issues. Billy’s cremation was held today afternoon and the details of the Bhog are awaited.

We all knew Billy for over 50 years but most of it relates to his years at BCS. I am looking for more information about him, professional and personal details, and if any one has more inputs to offer, please be kind enough to pass them on so that we can put together the story of the life of this large hearted man. My thanks

Warmly, Vijay Khurana


Dr. Mathew Zachariah passes away

Dear All,

It is with great sadness I wish to inform all about the passing away of Dr Mathew Zachariah. I received information from his friend in Delhi, George Mathew (see messages below)

While I will share more details about this interesting man, it would appear, or so I speculate, that it was his kidneys that gave way. He had been on dialysis for some years now.

Dr Zachariah had an impact on so many of us. Some of what he taught us then 11 years old has stuck like glue for the rest of our lives. I even today live by the value system that he and some of the others inculcated in us. I am glad he touched my life and owe him a big thanks.

May his soul rest in peace. He was a good man, nay a wonderful man!!

Warm regards


Vijay (Khurana)

Dear Vijay,
I am sending below the message received from my friend in Ohio. Very sad indeed.

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: oommen thomas 
To: George Mathew 
Sent: Tuesday, 25 October 2016 5:48 PM

Dear G. Mathew
Very sorry to inform you that Dr. Mathew Z passed away 25th early morning 12.30 their time. All the children wife Saro and his brother Dr.Alex was also there with him. May his soul rest in peace.
Take care. Ani and Leela


Dear All,

Here is an obit for Dr Mathew Zachariah that appeared The Calgary Herald.

Mathew Zachariah May 24, 1935-October 25, 2016 Mathew Zachariah passed away on October 25, 2016. He was born in Tiruvalla, Kerala, India in 1935. He spent part of his childhood in Miri, Borneo where his father was an accountant with an oil company, returning to India with his mother in the early 1940’s when a Japanese invasion was imminent. He had and older and younger brother. His father suffered much during the war years in Borneo and died in 1946 on his return to India. In 1942, he was informally adopted by his mother’s older sister and husband, a childless couple, and raised as their son. In the early 1960s he moved to the U.S. as a Fulbright scholar to advance his post-secondary education, and in 1966 accepted the position of assistant professor with the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary. He became an associate professor in 1969 and full professor in 1973.

Dr. Zachariah holds several degrees, including a BA in economics from University of Madras (1956), B.Ed from University of Delhi (1960), MS in Education, English and Social Sciences from State University of New York (New Paltz, 1962) and a PhD in Social Sciences and Education from University of Colorado at Boulder (1965). A comparative sociologist of education, he made significant contributions to academic services at University of Calgary as department head and associate dean in the Faculty of Education. He retired from the U of C in 2000 after more than three decades of service and was honoured as an Emeritus Professor of Education. He continued his community service activities, despite failing health.

He is the recipient of numerous awards and honours, including a U of C Students’ Union Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching in 1985 and in 1999, a national award from the Canadian Committee of Students in Education for mentoring masters and doctoral students. He received the Alberta Human Rights Award in 1989, as well as the Internationalization Lifetime Achievement Award by the U of C in 2002. In 2004, Dr. Zachariah was named one of 114 leaders in the university community recognized for outstanding achievement. After his retirement, he was distinguished visiting professor at the University of Pittsburgh and Menno Simons College in Winnipeg.

He was a prolific author and published many books, articles and essays to his credit. He has also published short stories and poems. The leitmotif of his life was to be a promote justice and fairness to people denied their dignity and were oppressed by the dominant economic and cultural institutions.

He was the first Canadian to receive the Honourary Fellow designation from the Comparative and International Education Society, USA (CIES). This honour recognized the contribution Dr. Zachariah has made to the development of comparative and international education throughout his teaching career, as well as the impact he has had on various academic and professional organizations.

He was an Anglican all his life and became more active in the life of his church after retirement.

For details go to


You can sign in and leave condolence messages on this site

Vijay Khurana