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Today is Billy Gill’s first death anniversary

Dear All,

Today is Billy Gill’s first death anniversary.

I have been hunting for information about the gentleman and what I have obtained is grossly inadequate but entirely complimentary. To anyone I turn, all that I am able to glean about this life is his abiding interest in cars and the single malt whiskey club. It would have been sufficient material for PG Wodehouse to write a seriously witty piece. I possess no such talent. Surely there was more to the man than his frequent run-ins with Badal on these mails. Badal could not resist twisting his tail and Billy never failed to honour the bait. Those exchanges were hilarious and I had to often urge Badal to tone it down a bit lest it got out of hand. Badal was always in control and he knew exactly where to poke or provoke.

Billy, the son of an army officer, possessed all the bearings of a person from the services. It was the way he tied his turban, neat, clean and with accentuated folds that resulted in a pointed sharp turban unlike the sloppy placement that resembled a hot water bottle on the skull. His Sunday suit was always well ironed and his double-breast blazer made him always look impeccable. He was always well turned out. He learnt that possibly from his father. Billy was always in the lead when it came to issues, never the one to be left behind and Sukhinder will remember those encounters only too well. I witnessed one such meeting but I am told that these were a regular between the two them. Often the result was a stand off and no one the decided winner but within minutes they would be discussing the next drinking session and the previous exchange had been set aside as idle banter, which it often was!

My little impressions are vague and very generalised but the Billy I recall was feisty, a good friend and most of all generous. Is there more than any one can add on this day in memory of a good man. I will be grateful for any input.

May Billy rest in peace.



[Vijay Khurana]

Billy Gill (Curzon 1961) passed away

Just received a call from D. Singh (Jaaj) informing of the sudden passing away of  Billy Gill this morning at Chandigarh.

Cremation at Sector 25 cremation grounds Chandigarh tomorrow 19th December 2016 at 2:00 PM.

Our deepest condolences to Billy Gill’s family.

Update 19th Dec :

Cremation is over. Wreath presented from OCA INDIA Northern Chapter.  Antim Ardas to be held on Thursday 22nd December at sector 11 gurdwara Chandigarh at 12 noon. Please pass the word around. Thanks Lots. God bless.



Dear All,

With great sadness I learnt of the passing away of Billy Gill yesterday. He had a cardiac arrest in the morning. From what I know, Billy was diabetic but had no previous medical history of any cardiac issues. Billy’s cremation was held today afternoon and the details of the Bhog are awaited.

We all knew Billy for over 50 years but most of it relates to his years at BCS. I am looking for more information about him, professional and personal details, and if any one has more inputs to offer, please be kind enough to pass them on so that we can put together the story of the life of this large hearted man. My thanks

Warmly, Vijay Khurana