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OCA India Northern Chapter – 23rd Annual Meet

Dear OCs,
OCA (India), Northern Chapter 23rd Annual Meet at Chandigarh on Sunday, 4th December, 2011

  1. It is time again for our annual get-together, I am sure all of you are anxiously looking forward to renewing old contacts and remembering your wonderful days spent at BCS. The annual meet would be conducted from 12:00 noon onwards at the PHD House, Sector -31A, Chandigarh -160031.
  2. All OC’s are requested to attend alongwith their partners and make this meet a resounding success.
  3. Contribution:  The charges for the lunch inclusive of drinks shall be Rs. 750/- for OC’s. and Rs. 1200/- for OC’s attending with spouses and partners. The above charges may please be paid at the time of registration at the counter which will be established at site.
  4. Dress:  Formal preferably Blazer and OC Tie.
  5. Sponsors: All OC’s interested in sponsoring advertisements, drinks etc. for the above meet are requested to get in touch with the undersigned.
  6. Participation: Please confirm your participation at the below mentioned phone numbers or email address as it will help us plan for our catering etc.
  7. Mailing: Since a lot of OC’s may not be on our mailing list, you are requested to kindly inform all OC’s, known to you, about this meet.
  8. Children: Please note that children are not allowed at the OC meet.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Ajay Thiara
Member Executive
OCA (India), Northern Chapter
Phone: 0091-172-4009932, 5071931
Email: ocanorthernchapter@yahoo.com
Thursday, 24th November, 2011

5th December 2011 UPDATE. Photo added:

Sanawar Invitational Golf 2011 – updated rules and directions

Dear OCs,
Kindly go through all details from H. S. Gill below.
Any doubts we can clear in our meeting today at 4 pm at Delhi Golf Club.

Best regards
Chetan Singh

Tournament Rules sheet is appended below. Also the Draws, with a few minor changes.
Also, you might like to pass on directions to CGR on the alternate route to all your team members. I took this route yesterday and though longer by some 14 km, in my opinion, it is worth the detour. This alternate road also has some bad patches but is much better than the regular road to Classic, which as you know is in very bad condition. It took me 1 hour to reach Classic from Gurgaon, having left at 6:00 am. You can expect to take longer once the morning traffic builds up.  Continue reading


Dear Old Cottonian Golfers,

The following Golfers have CONFIRMED their participation & have AGREED ith the tournament rules & arrival time at the venue. The list is being forwarded to the Organising Committee today.

  1. Raman Khanna
  2. Sudhir Khanna
  3. Prithvi Raj Prem
  4. Gurnihal S.Mann
  5. Chetan Singh
  6. Ronald Das
  7. Anil Mehra (Dimpy)  CAPTAIN
  8. Arun Seth
  9. Prithvi S.Nat
  10. Manjeet Kocchar
  11. Pranav Roach
  12. Ajay Kang
  13. Gurdeep Singh
  14. Sharad Pat Singhania
  15. Anil Singha (Charlie)
  16. Malvinder S. Guron
  17. Vikram Sodhi
  18. Vineet Sarjolta

The following players are special invitees by the organisers & will be required to play in a special group on the same day.

  • Mr.B.M.Singh  [OCA PRESIDENT]
  • Mr. Jaspal S.Sawhney (Palli), [OCA Executive Committee Member]

The Old Cottonian Golfers must stand out amongst the rest of the schools, Mr. Sudhir Khanna had offered to check on school scarfs or caps etc with the school. We all look forward to his response!

Best wishes
Chetan Singh

OCs final list – Sanawar Invitational Golf 2011 [updated 6 Sept 11]

Dear Old Cottonian Golfers,

I would like to thank you all for the great response we have had for this event from our fellow Old Cottonian Golfing fraternity.
As the list of entries from each school needs to be submitted by Wednesday 31st Aug 2011, I am forwarding the  list for acceptance by the concerned  school committees.
All selected participants MUST CARRY THEIR CLUB HANDICAP CERTIFICATES on the day of the event to be submitted at the Registration desk prior to TEE OFF.

  • The event will be played at THE CLASSIC GOLF RESORT on Thursday 15th Sept 2011.
  • Arrival at the Golf Club – 11 AM
  • Registration – 11 AM onwards
  • Light Beverages/Snacks
  • Players will be driven to their respective tees on Golf Carts,


  1. Raman Khanna
  2. Sudhir Khanna
  3. Prithvi Raj Prem
  4. Gurnihal S. Mann
  5. Chetan Singh
  6. Ronald Das
  7. Anil Mehra (Dimpy)
  8. I.S.Bawa (Inni)
  9. Arun Seth
  10. Prithvi S. Nat
  11. Manjeet Kocchar
  12. Guljit Kocchar
  13. Vineet Sarjolta
  14. Pranav Roach
  15. A.S. Dullet
  16. Ajay Kang
  17. Gurdeep Singh
  18. Anil Singha (Charlie)


The Reserve players are:

  1. Jaiwant S. Kang
  2. Rahul Negi
  3. Sharatpat Singhania
  4. Jaspal S.Sawhney (Palli)
  5. Vikram Sodhi
  6. Himmat Kahlon
  7. B.M. Singh
  8. Sidhartha Mathur
  9. Pritinder Singh
  10. Hardyal Chauhan

CHETAN SINGH chetanpioneersports@gmail.com

Message from Hardy Gill quoted below Continue reading