Assistance updates for Mrs DeMello

Dear All,
The appeal from BM Singh has elicited a very quick, spontaneous and heart warming response. Here they are, in reverse chronological order [and the list will continue to be updated on a regular basis, so do check back]:

June 15th Update
New contributions received:

  • Rear Admiral Rakesh Chopra – Rs. 5,000.00
  • Param Singh – US $2000.00

Dear Vijay,
Thanks to you, NK and BM Singh for doing this. Attached is a pdf file of a wire transfer that I initiated yesterday, June 14th. I just checked and the money has been withdrawn from my account.

My dear Param,
Thank you for your mail, which I first saw on my BlackBerry. I knew it deserved a quick response.
Sometimes you get an eye popping mail and this was one of those. You have no idea of what this means to the effort. I know there is an abundance of good people out there but it strikes you when a person does it in the manner that you did it. Quietly and unobtrusively but in a most meaningful way for an effort that has brought so many of us together. I recognise and thank you for your contribution. I am simply delighted. It would be nice to see Mrs Coralie deMellow pass her days with relative comfort and it feels nicer that we have been in some way instrumental to help that life ease through this passage with less tension – and, hopefully, less pain. Thank you, again.
Actually, I have been meaning to write and get you to come over with the family for your 1962 reunion. The guys would love it. I also have plans to get C M Kohli over. You and he are the prominent ones from your year who live outside the country but do visit from time to time. This year would be special for all of you. Please give it a good hard try and you will have a lot of happy people to meet !!
I will, naturally, place updates on our efforts with Mrs Coralie deMellow. She is a tough bird, I might add but deserving of the attention that she is getting.
Warm regards

June 6th Update

New contributions received:
  • Ravi Rikhye:  Rs 2074
  • Anonymous:  sent in another Rs 1620
  • Tippakorn Krit:  US$ 200
  • Ranbir Brar: Rs 10,000

An account has been opened and is being operated (any two signatories) by:
B M Singh
N K Mehra
Vijay Khurana

The details of the account are:
Account number: 130 20 100 25 1233
Federal Bank Ltd,
Nehru Place Branch
New Delhi 110 019 India

The Swift code for those sending payments from abroad in US $ for the account is:
Credit USD
To Standard Chartered Bank , New York
Swift code SCBLUS33
a/c no 3582021646001
Fedwire routing 026002561
With Federal Bank, Cochin, Swift code – FDRLINBBNDD.
For final credit to a/c no13020100251233 of Mr. B M Singh / N K Mehra / Vijay Khurana.
(It is a bit of a circuitous pathway for the money to move but the Federal Bank has its US$ account in New York and collects it $ funds from there most smoothly. Just instruct your banker to follow the route indicated above.)

A special request to those sending payments from abroad. Please send us your name, address details and a copy of the mail transfer so that we can locate the payment and also acknowledge your contribution. This is important.
Meanwhile we will update you on the efforts being made to offer Mrs DeMello care and comfort. We will revert.

Warm regards
Vijay Khurana

May 31st Update
The following contributions received and gratefully acknowledged: 

  • Rs 10,000 from JMS Aulakh [Rivaz 1958-66]
  • Rs 10,000 from KMS Aulakh [Rivaz 1960-68]
  • Rs 30,000 from Ashni [and Nutan] Behal [Ibbetson 1958-65]
  • Rs 3,000 from NK Akers [Lefroy 1962-65]
  • Rs 1,000 RLV Nath [Rivaz 1954-62]
  • Rs 5,000 Narinder Yadav [Rivaz 1978-82]
  • Anonymous  Rs 1,620
May 25th Update 
  • VIJAY KHURANA: Here is some more news. The OCA network is fabulous and it does work. Sukhinder Singh (Lefroy 1961) used his considerable and solid skills of appeal to move the people who could assist Mrs DeMello. This resulted in Mrs Ambika Soni restoring the small pension of Rs 1500 per month for Mrs DeMello. Incidentally, Mrs Soni’s husband is an OC but that was not the person Sukhi tapped for the good cause!! This amount, welcome as it is, is still likely to be insufficient to cover the needs of Mrs DeMello and contributions are still invited and welcome.
  • N K Akers (Lefroy 1962-65) called last evening from Cairo and he has arranged to send Rs 3,000 for the support of Mrs DeMello. These wonderful gestures keep pouring in and are an endorsement for the cause. In his conversation, NK Akers was warm and effusive in his support for the cause at hand. Heart warming words, genuine and sincere. Thank you, NK.

May 22nd update

  • Shiv Kapoor (Lefroy ) who is sending a cheque for Rs 5,000 immediately.
  • Manjit Dayal [Curzon 1962 batch] and his wife Breda are lending a lot of support to Mrs DeMello. Our grateful thanks.
  • Arun Kochhar (Curzon, 1958-1963) wrote :
  • Dear BM, Have seen your appeal on the website. Wilco. Cheque in post to Vijay. Take care. Arun
  • Anonymous: The most interesting response has been from an OC who currently lives on government support of approximately $ 500 a month but is willing to send in US $30 a month on a regular basis. His first payment through PayPal was sent even before we sent out a formal appeal, with the following message:
    I just sent you (see below) a few dollars – please, give the converted Indian Rupees to Coralie, Mr. De Mello’s widow. Please, (anonymously) do not use my name – just say ‘a blessed and grateful OC’. Let us see how the OCs respond. If need be, I am prepared to send $30 every month to her for the rest of her life. Please, keep me updated on this issue.
    We know for sure that this OC needs that money as much as Mrs DeMello does but is willing to part with what he can without any hesitation or reluctance but with feeling and emotion. He is to be applauded and loudly thanked!!
  • KS Dugal (Ibbetson 1961): “I will be glad to subscribe to a support fund for his widow“.

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