SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Iqroop Singh Chopra

Dr. Iqroop Singh Chopra (Lefroy, 1975 – 1983) currently based in Cardiff (Wales) is making waves as a top Consultant Spinal Surgeon in the UK.


In 2014, he was appointed CHAIRMAN, Education & Training, British Association of Spinal Surgeons (BASS) – a rare honour for an Asian origin Surgeon.

He is now courted by top hospitals worldwide to lecture and mentor surgeons for his groundbreaking non – invasive surgical procedures. He regularly lectures in the US and Europe but has made it his personal agenda to further educate surgeons in India….

Been in the news again when he recently visited PGI, Chandigarh… (see link below)

Dr. Iqroop Singh Chopra is also the recipient of the coveted Full School Blazer (Academics – 1983) ……. Affectionately called ‘Smiley’ in school, he is also fondly remembered for his portrayal of Shylock in the school play – A Pound of Flesh (1983).

Additionally, there is a little known fact that he was the youngest surgeon (at the time) to successfully complete his DNB degree (Neurosurgery) from India.


Politics and the Works, alongside our Love for Bishop Cotton School

Dear OCs,

Another winter in the plains of India is now past and gone, but the crispy winter freeze still holds its grip up in Simla. Today being the 28th of February. Every year at this time my Mum and Pa led us to their old 1100 Fiat in Calcutta and slowly drove us to Howrah Station. The Howrah -Kalka Mail awaited as we unloaded our Trunk, Bedding Roll and Attache Case. Cottonians travelled FIRST CLASS on that prestigious train.

Three months just flew by and at the age of 6 it was too fast in one sense and the 9 months ahead a bit too slow for a young boy. The 2 day journey a blur of sorts.

But what we​ surely reminisce is our end of year.

How the trunks were all packed in the corridors and Choru the tailor painstakingly sewed cloth around the locks sealing them with wax( the poor chap could hardly see through the broken rims, yet he diligently went on with the task) did we not take him for granted as he mended our shorts designing new lands in different colours of patches and threads on the worn out bottoms!

The trunks were sent ahead in advance of our School Party,  Sharat and mine to Calcutta. A shiver ran down our spines as we knew we were heading home from the hills to leave ‘Goldie/ Goldstein’ to his own thoughts as he sat on his private bench near the Grand Oak tree with his cocker spaniel gleaning hard at the tara devi gap seeing our train entering the last tunnel before we vanished on to the other side for three months. What do you think he did during those dark  empty and freezing days? Did he still stand on the First Flat with his immaculate self and hear the echoes of our screams and shouts? Did the Bugler still sound his sentinel, our School Flag flying with Rivaz and Ibbetson colours and the Mitre or did he too yearn for his Lady Love whom he never married? Did the gong hammer the bell ? Did he go to Chapel all by himself , walking to the alter and speaking to all of us down in the dusty plains and far away? Once I did  press my  ears against the Chapel Walls a few years ago and heard his talk of that hand of brass gripping the bolt on those doors- to remain steadfast in your life!

It is when I am rushing through airports or stuck in an incredible traffic jam in Delhi with my driver Ram Bahadur at the wheel I sometimes close my eyes and reflect upon that Sanctuary of ours .. Bishop Cotton School .. And as another OC said ‘ I have seen many mountain ranges, be it the Rockies, the Alps, the Andes.. It is The Himalaya that conquers all with it’s immense power and strength, cradling with constant care our Alma mater’.

So its not a political stage that I wish to stand on but to take in the best of those fantastic years and give back more than I received.

Vivek Bhasin
Lefroy House


All members are informed that in accordance with the amended MOA, the OCA needs to select a Vice President who could assume the post with effect from 1st April 2015 when the present Vice President shall start functioning as President. Therefore, applications are invited by 15th of March 2015 from those OCs interested in being selected. The applicants should be persons of eminence and should give their complete bio-data  along with a statement containing their vision for taking forward the objects of the OCA.


Anthony Sinha

February 14, 2015:

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that my father Anthony Sinha passed away on February 11th. He had been ill since Christmas and my mother had passed away the week before so he had really given up.

He attended Bishop Cotton School in the 1940s and had such fond memories of his time there. Please pass this information on to people who may remember him. Many thanks.

Regards, Anita Sinha-Royle.


Wednesday, 24 April 2013:

I am writing on behalf of my father Mr Anthony Sinha who is a member of the OCA. This is just to let you know his address has changed as he now is living in a nursing home for health reasons. He still loves to read newsletters etc but please now send them to my address  and I will pass them on to him.

Many thanks, Anita Sinha-Royle.

OCA India Annual Lunch / 2015


At 1, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Hauz Khas, New Delhi -110 016
On Sunday the 8th of February 2015 at 12.00 noon.

  • Old Cottonians Rs.1800.
  • Old Cottonians who are College Students Rs. 900.
  • OC s’ Wives / Partners are guests – There is NO charge.
  • Donations are sought from OCs above 70 years.
  • All OCs are requested to donate liberally over and above the lunch charges.

Dress code:
Blazer with Tie / Lounge Suit / Combination Suit.

Please confirm your attendance by mail to OCA India

UPDATE 29th JAN 2015:

A doubt has been expressed on the contributions being sought from OCs above 70 yrs old. All OCs above 70 are our honoured guests. They are not required to pay the sum of Rs 1800/-. However, if they wish to donate any sum it would be welcome. This is in continuation of the earlier years practice.

B M Singh