The War Memorial

The War Memorial was unveiled on Founder’s Day  28th July 1925 and was dedicated “In honoured memory of the old boys of this School who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1918. Their name liveth for ever”. It serves as a lasting remembrance of those who made the supreme sacrifice.

It was constructed at a cost of approximately Rs.4,000/- and most of the subscribers were parents of the boys in School.

On 28th July 1859, at a great service of thanksgiving for the restoration of peace, Bishop G.E.L. Cotton preached a sermon in St. Paul’s Cathedral Calcutta, on the words of St. Paul “Overcome Evil with Good”. This became the school Motto and is inscribed on the War Memorial.

The Four House Flags flying above the war memorial and the light blue  and dark blue School Flag proudly flutter and “stand foursquare…… to every wind that blows”. Interestingly, it was September 1898 that the School settled its School colours. Having beaten all local teams in football, the school team decided to enter the 3rd Durand Tournament, for which the team had to wear colours. “Mr. B.C. Smith, one of the masters, proposed light blue and dark blue, as signifying the two universities Oxford and Cambridge, from whence we obtained the majority of our educational staff. This proposal being accepted with acclamation.” Just beyond the School Flag is the school bell housed in a small shed. Silently it watches the boys at work and play year after year. Rouser is still at 6.15 a.m. Lights out at 9.20p.m. There are many boys who can jump out of bed on the first stroke of the chota hazri bell and be down at P.T. in time. The wet towel often substitutes for a beastly cold basin of water . Beyond the bell and in the far distance in the West is the Tara Devi Gap aflame with scarlet and gold and in the East-steel blue. Just beyond the bell the famous Gnat aircraft, presented by the Air Chief on 1st June 1990, in honour of Old Cottonians who joined the RAF, RIAF and IAF, amongst them an Air Chief Marshall and a Sqn. Ldr. Who won the coveted Vir Chakra in an air battle.

War Memorial
Etching sponsored by K.S. Bhaia, Concord Travels.

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