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BCS Batch 1970 – Golden Jubilee coming up 2020 – looking for missing batch-mates


Looking to reconnect with the entire batch, and will plan a reunion celebration for 2020. 

 Sitting:- R Tanwar, S S Rai, Joel Mathai, R Kalra, Mr. Bhasin, Maj R K Von Goldstein, A S Mankotia, A Banon [RIP], Avnish Pawa, S N Basu, Harsimran Singh Saron.
Ist Row standing:- R Pandit, Pawan Pawa, A Chachra, J S Grewal, Bhupinder Pal Singh[RIP], Mohinderjit Singh, J S Bhasin, Kanwaljit Singh, Jeet Mohinder Singh, Deepinder Singh, Karan Singh, Amar Rana [RIP], H S Sabhlok
IInd Row Standing:- D Tinani, S Sood, Vivek Bhasin, Anil Prakash, Krit Tippakorn [RIP], Homer Gill, Anil Advani, Nagender Chauhan, Prabhuda Kumar Singh, Anil Sud, Anil Chopra, A K Mendiratta.

If you see this message, and are not already on the 1970 Whatsapp Group or know of anyone from our batch, please get in touch with SS Rai or Anil Advani or Editor OCA.

Respect, for OC Girish Minocha

Jerry Godinho interviewed Girish Minocha [Old Cottonian] and has blogged about his story of success:

I have a deep respect for Girish Minocha. He is humble, down to earth, spiritual, aware of his surroundings and believes in giving back to society.

He started his business, knocking door to door to build clients. He graduated from one of the best engineering schools.

He follows his passion and has converted it into one of the most successful businesses.

He believes in corporate social responsibility, sustainable farming, respect for nature and he hires convicts. Yes, at any given time a couple of convicts serving a life sentence are working at his enterprise….[read the full article here]

For starters…. [from Peter Stringer]

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Gerald [Jerry] Godinho interviews Old Cottonian ROHAN CHARANJI

Gerald Godinho [also an Old Cottonian] interviewed Rohan Charanji. Here is an excerpt [see below for link to full interview].

Rohan, welcome to my series on Millennials. Tell my audience something important about you?

I was born in India, educated at Bishop Cotton and studied in Switzerland and London.

I have worked in China, US, London, Thailand, Wales and currently in the UAE for the last 4 years.

With my Swiss education, I felt a stupid sense of entitlement. I was asked to mop floors, clean plates and I realized without hard work you can never achieve anything.

– Rohan Charanji.

[…read the full interview here]