Batch 1954

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Photo with thanks from Brijesh Narain.

Listing provided by Inderjit Singh

Starting from the left, front row:
(Late) Surrinder Singh (Tommy)(L); Paul Tonk (I); Amar Singh Gill (Bobby)(C); Daljit Singh (School Captain!)(I); Mr Fred Brown (most lovely human being besides having been a super teacher!); Robindra (Wendy) Dewan (R); Yatinder Singh (R); Virender Kumar Aggarwal (L); A.S.Katju(L)

Second row (standing):
(late) Amarjeet Singh Kullar (I); (still surviving!!) Inderjit Chadda (L); A.Brij Mohan (R); Sohinder Singh (I); (late) Kanwaljit Singh (L); (late)Rajinder Singh Ahluwalia (I); V.N.Koura (R); Suresh Kumar (I); ?; Brijesh Narain (C); Inder Mohan Khosla (R); Raju Gupta (I)

Standing last row from left:
Sumanjit Singh (L); Dhani Chand Khunnah (L); Prabala Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana (R); (late) Pratap Sharma (C); Vijay Kumar Sawhney (C); Behram Dinshaw Irani (L); Ranjit Puri (R); ?, ?, Sudesh Kumar Sood (I); Birnder Pal Rampal (R)

There are a few question marks I’ve put as I can’t remember them, BUT I can’t figure out where are Vijay Singh Mankotia (C); Jogendra Nath Rudra (R) and Harish Dhawan (R).

Dear All,
I am forwarding, as attachments to this mail, two photographs forwarded to me by Baldev Hundal. His comments are indicated at the bottom of this mail. Boring table tennis!!
I had requested Baldev to identify the faces in the Lefroy House photograph. His efforts have enabled me to piece a little more in putting the correct name to some of the faces. Some guys are easily recognisable but, others after more than 50 years, remain a blur. These pictures always evoke wonderful memories and the saddest part is to note the name of a dear friend who is no longer alive. It breaks my heart but gives me pleasure to remember that he also walked this earth with me!!


All names from left to right.
Sitting front row: Jagdip Singh (“Tinoo” Roll no 420!), Robin Aurora, Sushil Pershad, Unkn, Unkn, Unkn, Unkn, Vijay Khurana, Yogesh Uberoi, Anil Pershad, Unkn, Arun Jolly & Vijay Jolly
Sitting chairs; R L Sud, V K Bhasin (marathon runner), Unkn,Unkn,Unkn, Devinder Singh, E A Cuzen, V K Agarwal, Unkn,Unkn,Unkn,Unkn,Unkn, (one of them is Katju!)
Third row standing (all sardars!) S S Pasrich, Unkn, Karmjit Dhanoa (Milo), S S Sekhon, Sukhjit Singh (?) (Podgy),Unkn,Unkn,Inderjit Singh (Roll no 56), K S Sandhu, Unkn, Santokh Singh, Unkn,Unkn,Unkn, Balvinder Singh, Unkn, S S Mann, Mukhinder Singh
Fourth row standing: Unkn,Unkn, VK Lamba, M K Sabharwal, Ravi Sawhney, Unkn,Unkn,Unkn, Ravijit Singh, A K Lamba, Mohinderjit Singh (Mini), Unkn, Jasdip Singh, Unkn, Arunjit Rai, Raj Lamba, Unkn,
Fifth row standing: S S Sidhu, Unkn, Baldev Hundal, Rakesh Sawhney, Unkn,Unkn, Inderjit Singh (Badal), Daljit Singh (Chikoo), Unkn, Gurdeep Singh (Horsey), Unkn,Unkn, Durga Prasad, Unkn,, Hartej Singh Sekhon.
My listing is pretty accurate but I open to correction. Naturally. I cannot seem to spot Sukhinder Singh!!
Would those whose memories have not faded, please assist in filling in the gaps as well. My thanks.
Hartej Singh Sekhon’s father was the I G of Police until 1966-67 when I had the need to visit his father in Chandigarh for a favour. That was the last time I saw Hartej as I entered his well appointed large house with a sprawling lawn. He joined the air force and passed away in a flying accident. Went away very early. Sad.
The amusing story about him relates to his doing exceptionally well in a Hindi half yearly examination way beyond potential and capacity. With his propensity for resourcefulness Hartej had obtained the question paper from the peon in the school office. When Mr Tiwari, the Hindi teacher walked into the class with the answer sheets a few weeks later he handed Hartej his paper with the question, “What does your father do? “
Hartej responded, “He is in the police, Sir”
“Well, in that case the first crook he will ever catch will be you!!” exclaimed Mr Tiwari.
Hartej turned a crimson red. Laughter in the class !!
I think I have narrated this story before but it all becomes so much more vivid when you see a photograph of the principal player in an amusing incident.
Baldev, my thanks again.
Finally a request. Can some one please help me with the details about the lives of Billy Gill and Milo. We do need to honour and remember their achievements. My thanks.
From: Baldev Singh
To: Vijay Khurana
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2017 1:04 AM
Subject: Re: Lefroy House 1954 and a table tennis game in progress circa 1954.
I think you have got Devinder Singh’s name wrong. All the Patiala brothers had their name ending with “a”. There was Yatindra Singh (Yati), Rivaz, Harindra Singh, (Harry), Ibetsson, Umindra Singh, and of course Devindra Singh. I used to bump into Umindra Singh, in Patiala. 
I was always under the impression that Cuzen, was Curzon.
—– Original Message —–

From: Baldev Singh
To: Vijay Khurana
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2017 5:26 AM
Subject: Re: Some photos
First row sitting
1. Jagdip Singh (Tinoo) 5th: Sukhwinder Singh, (I think)
2 row sitting: from let to right Sood, 6th Devindra Singh, Curzon, Toti Agarwal, Bhasin,
3: Row: 3: Milo, 4 Sekhon, 11th Phoroo, (sorry, but thats what he was called by the seniors() 14th another Sekhon, 15th  Balwinder Singh, 16th. Simranjit Singh Man,17th: Mohinder Singh.
5th Row: 4th Mohan Sabarwal, 5th: Ravi Sawhney, (how could I ever forget Ravi Sawhney), 9: Mohinder Singh, (Badal’s brother), 10 Lamba,
6th Row: 3. Baldev Hundal, 4: Rakesh Sawhney, (another unforgetable), 6: Nanda, 7:th: Badal, 8: Chikoo, 15th with Turban, Hartej S. Sekhon.
But then its likely I have mixed the seatings, but the names are pretty accurate.

From: Vijay Khurana

To: Baldev Singh 
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2017 1:19 PM
Subject: Re: Some photos

Dear Baldev,
My thanks. Greatly appreciated.
Please feel free to address me by my first name. I am more comfortable with people I know of 50 years standing.
Can you name the people, or at least some of them from the Lefroy picture? Would appreciate that to the extent possible.

On 19 March 2017 at 12:33, Baldev Singh  wrote:

Dear Mr. Khurana,
I found these photographs which might be of interest to some OCs.
The group photograph is from 1954 of Lefroy House, and the photo of the table tennis match which we were obliged to watch much to my boredom, is of an interhouse match between Ibettson and Rivaz, I think.
Best wishes,
B. Hundal

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  2. OCA Editor

    Posted on behalf of Behram Irani:
    HI Vijay
    In the Lefroy house snap. (where you are sitting in front of Toti) I am sitting on the 3rd from the left and Suman is 3rd from the right. You will make it out as the handsome one on the left (Haha). D.Singh was out House captain and Toti was a School prefect also.
    In 2004 our class of 54 had a Reunion at school and we all had met. I had met D. Singh then and had really got to know his wife Cuckoo well and the whole gathering was so much fun for us. the school really put up a show for us etc. Wendy Dewan had also come as also Ranjit Puri (Sugar Baron, I am told and lot of old friends. Happy days.

    Best regards,


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  4. Richard D'Abreu

    Is the master Fred Brown? It looks like him. I knew him when he was a school Cottonian in 19 36 -1939 when he left school. A great sportsman in hockey and cricket…Dick D’Abreu Curzon 1936 -46..


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