Sandeep Mansukhani – Everest 2018 – UPDATE:

Message from Sandeep’s wife Harsimran Mansukhani:

Yes it is confirmed… is going to be 21st May 2018 when Capt Sandeep Mansukhani will be making his  final summit push. It took years of training, hard work and endless sacrifices for him to get there but what matters will be next seven days. Those seven days when he will leave the safe lap of Base camp and head towards a journey amidst death zone predicting any kind of incidental consequences. I have never been scared of anything but yes today I am……..just praying.
Undoubtably weather plays a crucial role on Everest ( the summit of Everest is pummeled year round with jet stream which lifts up only for few days before the onset of monsoon) And weather has been quite unpredictable past few days so the agency was taking various updates from its trusted sources to take final decision.

Today they had oxygen briefing and the masks and regulators are issued. The accompanying Sherpa is announced and good to hear that his Sherpa is Tashi( six time Everest summitter), very experienced climber.

There will be no connectivity for next seven days. Only the updates from agency itself.
His itinerary will be
17/5 @ 0200 hrs BC to camp 2
18/5 rest at camp 2
19/5 @ 0700 hrs camp 2 to camp 3
20/5 @ 0700 hrs camp 3 to camp 4(death zone)
20/5 @ 2100 hrs camp 4 to summit push
21/5 expected summit time around 7:30 to 9 am
21/5 back to camp 4 or camp 3 depending upon physical energy left
22/5 camp 2
23/5 camp 2 to BC

Seeking your prayers for his success and safety. With His grace and your blessings we hope to hear from Capt Sandeep Mansukhani – as Everester soon. Will keep you posted of all the progress…..deepest regards….Harsimran

19 May @ 0800 hrs
With His grace weather seems favourable and Capt Sandeep Mansukhani along with his team  dressed up in their downsuits left for Camp 3( 7,200m /23,625ft) which is perched on a steep icy slope high up on Lhotse Face under threatening ice seracs.
After icefall, Lhotse Face is the most famous and dangerous of Everest because of high chance of avalanches and constantly falling rocks. It is climb of about 2500ft on a slope ranging 45-80 degree. The incline is icy and at every anchor point there is a drill for changing over to next length of rope. It makes the ascent slow and there is no chance of mistake.
They have climbed just few metres of sheer Lhotse during their acclimatisation rotations. So today he has finally entered the environment where he might have started taking supplement oxygen. ( No report about that yet). Just had a word with head Sherpa and got to know that team reached camp 3 at around 1300 hrs.
The position of camp 3 is such that you can’t step out of the tent unroped because one slip and you will fall to the very bottom of the mountain. Here camps are also shared with other climbers with oxygen cylinders fixed around you. So you barely get some sleep deteriorating your body and mind further.
Now is the time to get more focused …..very very focused.
Dear all, I hope information and pictures shared by Sandeep ji will surely give you a glimpse of this majestic mountain and how Capt is taking every single step forward to live his dream and make us all proud.
Please keep praying…deepest regards….Harsimran mansukhani

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    Well done. All success to the summit in your final push. Our thoughts and prayers are with you on this Royal Wedding day in London.
    Gay Niblett

  2. Vijay Singh

    Wish him all the best.. May god give him the strength to accomplish his mission, and make all Cottonians proud…

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