Canada OCs get-together 2017

13 OC’s along with their spouses and guests met at Bombay Palace Brampton Ontario. The food was sumptuous, the energy exhilarating, the atmosphere kinetic as every one was eager to catch up and rekindle old relationships.

The local channel blessed the event by showing Tamasha, starring Ranbir Kapoor the same day which shows BCS for more than 20 minutes.

John McLaughlin drove more than 6 hrs to share his stories and reminisce about his time and exploits at BCS. Jal Boga, healthy and hearty full decked in OC regalia talked about his time at school.

In the 17 years that I have been organizing our events, it is interesting to see boys just graduating from university and now becoming movers and shakers in the corporate world, getting married and becoming parents.

After dinner, the young at heart, headed to clubs to dance, some headed home. As usual Gurpreet invited us to a classic Punjabi chai and Provender, Gurpreet’s dad who was born in Simla, shared some amazing stories.

Two female guests remarked to me that how come all the guys are so cheerful. I told them it is the water we drink, the common ethos we live by of overcome evil with good.


6 thoughts on “Canada OCs get-together 2017

  1. Vijay Khurana

    Super, and I am glad that the details of such events are being shared. It would be nice if we could place details of more such gatherings and communicate their details so as to encourage members to meet and catch up with their peers.

    It was a long time ago that I had the privilege of meeting Jal Boga, a legend on the sports field. I am delighted to see Partap at the event. Lovely.

    1. OCA Webmaster

      Yes, it is wonderful to receive details of any such get togethers, both formal and informal, with a write up and captioned photos! OCA India (and OCA Delhi Chapter) could pick up a few pointers from OCA Canada and OCA UK definitely.

  2. VIJAY Singh

    Its good to know that the OC spirit is going on all over the world… Can we pls hv the names of the office bearers from Canada… Vijay Singh

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