BCS No 1 Boarding school in the Country

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla is ranked India’s No.1 Boys Boarding School in the EducationWorld India School Rankings 2014. followed by The Scinda School, Gwalior and The Doon School, Dehradun.

For the past six years EducationWorld has been publishing the annual EducationWorld India School Rankings with C fore — the well-known Delhi-based market research and opinion polls agency. They rate and rank over 800 of India’s most high-profile schools on 14 parameters — Bishop Cotton School is first in leadership/ management quality, Disabled friendliness, Sports education.

The other parameters are as follows:

·       Academic reputation

·       Faculty competence

·       Teacher welfare and development

·       Academic reputation

·       Co-curricular education

·       Discipline and life skills education

·       Individual attention to students.

·       Parental involvement.

·       Infrastructure provision.

·       Quality of alumni/ students.

·       Value for money.

·       Community service.


Praveen Dharma

10 thoughts on “BCS No 1 Boarding school in the Country

  1. Iftikhar Malik

    Proud and very happy.I wish Mr.Robinson,the Staff,Old and Current
    boys all good wishes.May the Almighty bless BCS forever.
    Iftikhar Malik,Cotton House,Prep School,BCS 1945 to 1947.

  2. Parminder Singh ( Pari)

    Proud to be an Old Cottonian. Congratulations to all staff and students who over the years that made this happen. Ibbeston ( 1969-1975)

  3. Gur Pratap Singh Sahi. Ibbetson ( 1953-56 )

    We of the Old Cottonians’ Association should now consider,by way of appreciation and encouragement, a Significant Contribution to the School and Presentation of a Silver Salver to the Headmaster at the next OCA get-together.

    It would also be very nice if OCA ( UK ) as well as OCA ( Canada ) were to consider doing likewise.

    Our School’s Outstanding Milestone Achievement should be stamped indelibly in our History Book for posterity to cherish.

    Gur Pratap Singh Sahi

    1. Gurinder Singh Bhalla-688

      Best Wishes and Congratulations to The Headmaster, Staff and Students of my School, I spent in 1955-57 as a child.This image should be kept up and B.C.S. should always shine.

  4. Dr. Romesh Lal.

    Strongly share the above messages. Would like to add- It is easy to reach the top, but need to keep working hard to stay there. I am sure The Headmaster, Staff and Students will continue to strive to excel in all the Heads listed by Mr. Dharma.

    Keep it up and cheers..

    Romesh Lal ( 70-76)

  5. Gur Pratap Singh Sahi. Ibbetson ( 1953-56 )

    Warmest congratulations to the Headmaster,Staff and Students for reaching our famed Alma Mater to the pinnacle position.All of us who have had the privilege of a BCS education hold our head high today,full of pride and happiness. A special Salutation goes out to the Headmaster for this historic achievement.THANK YOU Mr.Robinson.

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