We lost yet another OC, Taranjit Singh Lehra

It is with heavy heart that this morning I write to you, about the sad and untimely demise of a class mate—69—TARANJIT SINGH LEHRA —
He died in Coimbatore last night in the hospital where he had gone for a kidney transplant– as he has been ailing for a while now–his end came with a heart attack in the hospital itself.
Take a moment and reflect on the guy you knew–silent –strong and a good friend and  bid him adieu in your own way–I have conveyed the feelings of the class to his family who are at the moment still in Coimbatore–trying to get the body onto a flight for Delhi.I shall go for the funeral to Patiala , and sadly bid him fare thee well.
Take moment here and think of the following:
Feel him running by you in the Marathon and winning the race—-
See him Boxing his way to the Heavy Weight Title—-
Batting against the Sanawarians in his lazy style—-
See him dribble past you on the Hockey field—
Waiting for Amar Rana, as the full back with Phachanga Singh and Tali, hovering in the background—
Beating every body at every thing form studies to games—-
These are friends who are no longer with us and I am sure way–way up in the Happy Hunting Grounds —while you are all thinking,
Goodbye our friends its time to die while all the birds are singing in the sky——————
I will be happy to convey your feelings to family and in case you want to pen a few words, I would be glad to print your message and give it to the family. His son is also a Cottonian.
Robin Nakai

Very sad news. Phapa Lehra was one of the nicest guys that I can remember from the class of 69. Met him all too briefly after school and was looking forward to seeing him again.

Nice euology Robin. What a shame that we have lost another one of the best of our classmates. Do you know when his bhog is and where in Patiala?
Himmet Kahlon

Very sorry to hear of another loss to the fraternity. I did not know him, as he was a little down the years, but reading of the tributes paid, he deserves our respectful good wishes for peace beyond. God bless his soul. My sincere condolences to his family members whose distress is not difficult to imagine. God bless you all too with the courage and fortitude to get along in life sans dear Taranjit.

Gurpratap Singh ( Sahi )
Ibbetson: 1953-56

Wish I’d known he was in Coimbatore.  Would have gone and met him at least.
He was a good quiet guy.  God grant him rest and his family strength to bear the loss.

Here are a couple of snaps.  Give it a shot and try and figure out who is who.  The Linlithgow one from 1960 has Pappa in it.  I believe his number was 969 (am sure Robin will correct me on this).  That snap would, if I remember correctly, have the following from the batch of 69:
Pappa – 969
Padu – 983
Nat – 980
Yours truly – 993.
Lefroy House Sud
Banon 2
Let’s ask the others if they recognise anyone else

I believe we [Pappa, Padu, Nat, Indi] were the only four who were abandoned by our respective families in 1959 and left in the capable hands of Mrs.Goss.  I personally have, ever since then, been eternally grateful to my parents for taking what must have been for them, a very tough decision (now that we all have kids of our own, we know that).
[click the images for a full view]
1960Linlitgow 1968 Vth Form 1969 VIth Form
Linlithgow 1960 ~ Vth Form 1968 ~ VIth Form 1969

Mehta also joined school in 1959 and his roll no was 970; Nat’s was 948 and Lehra’s was 969. Those of us who joined in Transition (1960) were also abandoned in Linlithgow as we were told by u 59 seniors that Lehra’s nickname is Phappa since he keeps calling for his papa!
HSK [Himmet Kahlon]

Here is another…
Rgds – Rakesh

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  2. Vivek Bhasin

    Another Cottonian, Another Lefroyan, Another spirit now lingers and protects us and the sanctity of our Bishop Cotton School..through the Deodar Trees, the whispering pines…the weeping willows and the crazy but sad tunes of bamboo on that uphill slog from Green Garages to First Bridge… and the final run from there to the fountain…Always close, Always near….Always there.

    Vivek Bhasin

  3. D.M.SUD

    It is a personal loss to all of us specially the batch of 69.Bhappa (as we all fondly called him) was always among one of the best person to have around.I pray to God for peace to the departed soul and strength to his family to bear this irrepairable loss.


  4. Col U S Gill

    Its an extremely shocking news , Such a great guy , an all-rounder ,loved by all
    see and read the posts. No one must have got such a grand remembrance, it speaks of his strature amongst cottonians and friends. What can one add to this ,words are short of praise for the departed soul

    Col U S GILL
    C 62- 72

  5. Anil Mahajan

    Very sad to know about passing away of T.S.Lehra (Paapa).May his soul rest in peace and God give his family the courage to bear the great loss.

    Lehra was a good friend and a very decent person.

    Anil Mahajan(Gupta)


  6. Manjit Singh Sehmbey

    Death is real and it surpries every one even who it comes to and this time it was our friend Sardar Taranjit Singh Lehra and I would call him Larry Walker.Our bani tells Hukmai rajaaee chalanna Nanak likhiaa naal.Hukamai andar sabh ko baahar hukam na koe. Nanak hukmai je bujhai to huumai kahai no koe. I suppose it was His hukam and our friends Karma-and our Karma to hear this news. May God give strength to his family and friends to accept and carry on.And my condolence also goes to Amar Rana’s family on his demise to havenly abode.

    Manjit Singh Sehmbey

  7. Uday Singh Jubbal.

    It was very sad to hear of the passing away of T.S.Lehra.Though he was three years junior to me and in a different house,I remember him well—–a relly decent guy.

    God rest his soul in peace and heartfelt condolences to his family.

    Uday Singh Jubbal

  8. BS Shergill 1974-85

    Sad and sorry for Mr.Lehra’s passing away,god bless his family always.
    Last March one of his batchmates ” Bhupinder Singh Khangura “(Ludhiana)passed away to a freak virus gullion berry syndrome,we 85 class offer our condolences to both the families.

  9. Vinod Nanda (Nanda 2)

    I was shocked to hear the sad news of a good and gentle classmate. The memory immediately went back and could see the old days in school and Papha Lehra sitting in class, walking on the first flat and so on. As he was a class mate you seem to rember all the things.
    Never saw him after school,but will always remember him for the nice and quiet person he was.
    May god bless him and rest his soul in peace.

    Vinod Nanda Lefroy 1959 – 1967

  10. A.S Mankotia (1) 64-71

    My heart felt condolences to the grieved family, may god give you all the courage to bear the great loss.I pray to god to give peace to the departed soul.
    Phapa Lehra was a gem of a person and a good friend. Last i met him was in school when he had come to admit his son .
    A.S Mankotia (1)

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